Road Traffic Signs and Signals

Class A - Danger Warning Signs

Observed by a red triangle with yellow/hollow background

Curve Ahead

Sharp Curve Ahead

Double Curve Ahead

Keep Well Left emphasis

possible rock falls

Road narrows to the right ahead

road narrows centrally ahead

road narrows to the left ahead

two way traffic ahead

narrow bridge ahead

narrow grid ahead

grid ahead

road junction ahead

side road ahead

cross road ahead

road junction ahead

steep descent ahead

steep ascent ahead

dip ahead

hump ahead

look after children in road

look out for pedestrians

pedestrian crossing ahead

width restriction

height restriction

lookout for animals

animal crossing place

lookout for wild animals ahead

slippery road ahead

gravel road ahead

slow down to follow detour

expect to be stopped for vehicle checks

road works ahead

railroad level crossing ahead

physical barrier ahead

stop/giveway sign ahead

robot ahead

traffic circle ahead

Class B - Regulatory/Mandatory Signs

Observed by a red circle

passage prohibited for vehicles in direction of arrow

direction to be followed as shown in the arrow

U turn prohibited

turning to the shown direction prohibited

rail road level crossing

parking prohibited in direction of arrow

parking restricted to period shown

parking prohibited to period shown

parking prohibited to class of vehicles shown

stopping prohibited in direction of arrow

cyclists prohibited

overtaking prohibited for the indicated distance

stopping, waiting and parking prohibited for shown period

speed limit in main road is in the circle above and the general speed limit is shown in the rectangle

speed limit per hour

gross mass of vehicle should not exceed the sign going that direction

width restriction

height restriction

road closed

give way to oncoming traffic


give way

cyclists must stop till road is clear

cyclists must slow down to give way till road is clear

Class C - Informative Signs

Observed by a rectangular expect the derestriction sign which is a circle

Direction Sign

Advance Information Sign

Place name

Distance Sign

Detour direction sign

Police control ahead

Dual carriageway ahead

Derestriction Sign

Parking Area

Direction sign to a parking area

layby ahead sign

Rest place ahead sign

One way sign

Class D - Traffic Light Signals

Red - Stop

Amber - Warning to Stop

Green - Proceed with caution

Traffic turning in direction of arrow may filter

rail road level crossing with waring lights

Flashing Amber - Warning of a malfunctioned robot. Give way to traffic from the right

Class E - Carriageway Markings

White dashed - demarcates the center of the road. you may overtake

White continous - no overtaking

the one with dashed line on his/her side may overtake

both vehicles cant overtake

pedestrian crossing

yellow line - demarcates edge of the road

direction arrows used in conjuction with prohibition lines have a regulatory effect