Welcome aspiring driver!

We are Oral Driving School. A web based platform dedicated to help you prepare for the driving learner's license test.

Our tutorials are grouped into 4 classes namely:

  1. Introduction to Driving in Zimbabwe
  2. Road Signs & Signals
  3. Rules of the Zimbabwean Roads
  4. Some Driving Orals

After each tutorial topic is a quiz to test your knowledge on the topic.

We also have typical VID examinations which you are time to write under 8 minutes to test if you are ready to sit for a VID examination yet

NB: This is a beta stage

Note that this is a beta stage of our platform. We are making a lot of changes on how you can use this platform.

Content will remain free.

The changes we will make are for those wanting one on one support from our team and wanting help from our team and those wanting ad free content.

Give us feedback

Like I said this is a beta version, please

  1. Give us lots of feedback for our coming versions
  2. Report anything you find wrong on the site be iot content or site behaviour or anything
  3. just say hi to our team at Oral Driving School